Understanding It –

Preventative Tree Care for Long-Term Plant Health Care
Your trees and shrubs are a valuable part of your property.  You want to do what you can to keep them looking and performing their best. Of course, you might not be sure what that involves.

You may have heard about “plant health care” but you’re not really sure what it is—or why it’s needed.

Much like lawn care, plant health care provides a better environment for your trees and shrubs to thrive.
Simplified, plant health care is a program that encompasses various treatments to both prevent and remedy problems. This typically involves using various fertilization, disease and pest treatment options—as well as different application methods in order to achieve the best results.

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(aerial high volume application for insect control on 60′ Maple)

Better products equal better results
In addition, to the application method being used, the quality of products is extremely important.  We are committed to getting you the best results so we use the best products available.

Bringing it all together
At Keller’s Turf and Shrub Care when you invest in our plant health care program, peace of mind is exactly what you’ll get. You can let go of the worries that something might happen to your trees or shrubs and rest assured they’re in good hands.

Ready to stop worrying about the health of your property’s trees and shrubs and start investing your in landscaping?

Request a quote, let us provide you with a customized plant health care program, and become the master of your landscape.