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Fertilizer – Insecticides – Herbicides – Fungicides

The foundation of our company has always been premium lawn care services. Our Lawn Care Services are not limited to our chemical application program. It is a fully rounded set of services designed to provide proper turf management. Knowing the climate and understanding the proper timing are two important factors that go into our program every season. While other lawn care services utilize mostly granular material, our program is primarily liquid applications. What is the difference between our liquid treatment program and others that use dry granular material?

Absorption – Distribution – Customization 

Granular material is made in a factory that only offers their product one way. It’s a “one size fits all” approach and that is never the case. Granular material is broadcast from a mechanical spreader offering very little control to fine-tune the process. Turfgrass doesn’t have teeth, so it’s at the mercy of mother nature to provide rain or sprinklers to water in and break down the granular material before it can start the absorption process.

Liquid applications offer a “Tailor Made” approach to each property and treatment made on the property. Liquid applications are absorbed faster and more efficiently than a dry granule product. Our season can be short, so time is always of the essence. Our applicators manually control the application process in order to ensure that the material is placed exactly where it needs to be, not in areas such as your garden, flower beds, or patio. Seasons change from year to year and sometimes within a year itself. Customization and fine tuning each tank of mixture guarantees the best result every time. This method has been perfected over our past 50 years of experience.

Core Aeration

Core Aeration is a key part in the success of a healthy turfgrass structure. Turfgrass is a living structure of plants whose parts are intertwined and depend on each other to survive. The most important part of turfgrass is its foundation, the root. If the roots are not healthy the “Green Side Up” will always be substandard. Core Aeration utilizes mechanical tines to relieve compaction, expand root structure and allows for oxygen to reach below the surface. Annual Core Aeration is crucial to proper subsurface maintenance.


Oftentimes, Verti-Cutting is confused with power raking. Power raking is a superficial process that merely breaks loose surface thatch and offers no advantage to sowing grass seed. Verti-Cutting is a mechanical process of cutting the surface of the soil to a depth of an 1/8” to a 1/4”. This process allows for grass seed to come in contact with the soil and start the germination process. Without proper soil contact the seeds will not germinate. Our Verti-Cutting Service is required when substantial turf loss has occurred.


Over-seeding is the process of introducing new seed into an existing turfgrass area. There are several mechanical processes that work in conjunction with the overseeding process. Core Aeration and Verti-Cutting are the two most common practices however we also offer a unique process called Slit Seeding. This process mechanically introduces the new grass seed at a metered rate into the soil to efficiently utilize seed material and consistently place the seed at proper intervals. This is a great method for larger areas to help manage cost.

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ash borer treatment

Emerald Ash Borer

Unique only to the Ash Tree, this pest is unfortunately a tree killer. The Ash Borer was introduced to the United States over 15 years ago and over the last 5 years it has become extremely active in our area. Treatments are available for the Emerald Ash Bore, so if you have an Ash Tree and you want to prevent it from dying, it must be treated. We use a non-evasive soil injection method that is performed on an annual basis. Proper calibration and timing are critical factors to insure proper treatment delivery. Please contact us if you would like to explore your options of managing the Emerald Ash Borer.

Deep Root Fertilization – Insect Management – Disease Management

Just like your turfgrass requires proper fertilization, insect control and disease prevention, so do your trees and shrubs. Your trees and shrubs are the largest part of your landscape investment. Simple application and proper timing can prevent irreversible damage to your plants. Unfortunately, there are certain pests and diseases that exist in our area than can, and will, cause permanent damage to your plants. The old adage “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” couldn’t apply more when it comes to your landscape plants. Let us create a customized program to preemptively combat these issues before they occur. 


Mosquito Guard

Our Mosquito Guard Service provides perimeter barrier protection from mosquitoes. In addition to being a nuisance pest, as many as 42 Mosquito borne diseases have been identified in Missouri. To ensure proper placement of our products, we utilize a specially designed air mist spray system. This system allows us to target all of the key areas that allow for safe harbor and breeding. This is a recurring service that takes place on 30-day intervals. Mosquitoes become active at 50F so the number of services can vary per season between 6 to 8 visits.

mosquito repellent

Premium Insect Service 

Flea and Tick management starts outside. Certain conditions may exist causing an infestation of fleas or ticks. These pests can be problematic to both humans and pets. The number of new diseases from tick bites has increased dramatically in the past few years. Our service provides peace of mind that you are defending your property as best possible. This service occurs as an add on to the standard lawn care program and is performed with each visit.

Boat Dock Spider Management 

Dock spiders do not have to be a part of boating!  Let’s face it the whole point of owning a boat is for recreational FUN. Cleaning up after spiders knocking down webs and having them crawl on your skin is not what you are looking for in a boating experience. Utilizing all natural non insecticide materials dock spiders are managed on a monthly service. This is a recurring service that takes place on 30 day intervals. We recommend a minimum of 6 visits per season but suggest 8 visits for the best results.

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tree treatments

Shrub Pruning 

Proper pruning of shrubs and ornamental trees is somewhat of a science but more so an art. A lot of training and experience goes into our pruning service. It takes years of hands on experience to properly understand and prune plant materials. We proudly provide this service so that you can be assured your plants are being taken care of as best possible.

Irrigation Design/Build & Maintenance

We installed our first irrigation system in 1978. During the 42 years of installing and maintaining irrigation systems the materials and products have changed and improved. What hasn’t changed is our philosophy and dedication to the design and construction of every system we build. If we can’t build or repair the system the right way, we won’t do it. We know there are a lot of options out there when it comes to irrigation so pick the one that is right for you.

Mowing Maintenance  

We offer annual mowing contract services that start March 1st and end November 31st. This service includes spring clean-up, weekly mowing and fall clean-up services.

Bedding Maintenance

Proper bed maintenance is an ongoing process that starts with  a spring clean-up, proper pre-emergent applications, monthly maintenance and a fall clean-up.


Prepare your beds for the season with early spring re-mulching. We utilize virgin wood products that is native to Missouri. Our product is a double ground premium white oak that is dyed to extend the color appearance.

vegetation management

Backflow Device Certification  

To comply with state and local city codes with offer backflow device inspections to certify your device is properly working and preventing contamination of our drinking water.

Low Voltage Lighting Design/Build & Maintenance

We work with one of the best lighting designers in the Midwest area to perfect proper nightscape lighting. Our products are professional grade to provide long term life of the fixtures and controllers. With over 25 years of experience in low voltage lighting we can design and install a low maintenance system that will last a lifetime.



These are the primary criteria for vegetation management. Unwanted plant growth in commercial or industrial environments can take over areas in a short period of time. “Grows like a weed” has been a statement made for just that reason. Undesirable plant growth creates unsafe conditions by preventing a safe line of sight, harborage for unwanted insect and animal pests. Overgrowth causes shrinkage of valuable square footage and damages perimeter fence lines. Our Bare Ground Service provides season long control of all unwanted plant growth. Each site is carefully reviewed and each Bare Ground Service is tailored to meet specific and individual needs of our Commercial, Industrial, Municipal and Right-Of-Way customers.