The cold Midwest winter is now behind us. Warmer temperatures, rain and spring are right around the corner here in KC. This transition means your lawn will start to awaken and turn green.  Here are some suggestions on what you should be doing.

Prepare The Lawn
Make sure your lawn is ready for a successful spring season. Clear any fallen branches, plants, or debris that may be lurking in your lawn. Grab your gloves and a rake and get caught up on your “cardio”.  Pick up Pine cones, Sweet Gum ball’s and leaves left over from fall.  Let’s make sure that you start with a clean slate this spring.

Make The Cut
It’s time to stir up some dust, remove the winter burn and cut off those dried out tips of grass.  Early mowing (at the normal cutting height of 3 inches) will send your turfgrass a message to get started growing again.

Bag it up
It’s not mandatory but if you can bag or collect the clippings from the first mowing.  This mowing usually has more debris than a normal mowing and the moisture level in the clippings is much lower so they don’t dry up or dissipate as well.


Before you get started
Prepare your lawn mower and make sure that it’s ready for work. Check the oil level, fill up the gas tank, and sharpen the blade(s) in order to get a clean first mow that won’t shock your turf.

Leave the rest to us!
We are currently applying the Early Spring Application, this application is comprised of granular fertilizer, a pre-emergent for the prevention of summer grassy weeds and broadleaf weed control  in selected areas.

As always let us know if you have any questions or concerns.